Race To The Finish

I’ve really procrastinated on cleaning up the garden this year; I guess I was hoping that the longer I waited, the longer summer/fall would hang on.  I knew this weekend was it and I needed to get it done…but after a much needed afternoon nap.

When I woke up, ready to hit the yard work, I looked out the window and realized the clock was ticking.

I don’t think Steve nor I have ever moved as fast as we did to get the yard cleaned up and “winterized.”

A not-so-happy Steve having to rake wet, heavy leaves.

Pongo wasn’t much help.  His main objective for this afternoon was to play as much frisbee as possible.  He was intent on making sure that we knew that too as for each rake we made, we would find a frisbee in our way and a dog staring at us waiting…

Our last glimpse of summer past.

Late Bloomers

Our garden has been a true testament to the mostly dismal summer we’ve been having. Plants that are typically mid-June bloomers have just started to show their true colors this past week.

I’m just thankful they finally decided to bloom so we can enjoy their beauty for the remainder of our short summer.

Happy 365 Day Anniversary!

I feel like I might jinx us by writing this but it has been one full year since we’ve had to look at one of these:

And spend one miserable day at pet emergency praying he will either puke it up or poop it out.

We’ve been diligent in keeping the rocks out of Pongo’s reach: he wears the basket muzzle of shame at daycare, during recess and our No Rock Left Behind campaign last summer.

We cross our fingers he stays smart…

And keeps the rocks on the ground!

NRLB: Mission Accomplished!

Our NRock Left Behind campaign is complete!  It only took most of the summer for us to finally have a Pongo-Proofed yard.  Every scrumptious bit of river rock that Pongo so enjoys to partake in has been removed.  Every 6 foot board of jumpable fence has been replaced with a hopefully-there’s-no-way-he-can-get-his-body-over-that 7 foot cedar board. All that is left are 16×16 pavers, which there is no way he can wrap his mouth around these, and some pea gravel that he appears to have no interest in ingesting, for the doggie potty area.  We are enjoying “Fort Buchanan” and the sense of relief that Pongo is safe when out in the yard.

Before: Delicious Rock Walkway

After: 16×16 Pavers 

Before: 6 Foot Catapult Himself Over Fence 

After: 7 Foot Fence With New Sod For More Play Area

After: Doggie Potty Area

I have to include some garden shots to remind us all of the glorious summer we’ve had this year!


Our “No Rock Left Behind” campaign has commenced.  We spent all last week moving rock from the river rock walkway.  At least 4 landscaping contractors have come out to give us an estimate on putting pavers in.  I don’t think he can eat 16″x16″ pavers but knowing Pongo, he could surprise us!

We went from this:

To this (this is only about 2/3 of what we bagged):

And finally to this: