Late Bloomers

Our garden has been a true testament to the mostly dismal summer we’ve been having. Plants that are typically mid-June bloomers have just started to show their true colors this past week.

I’m just thankful they finally decided to bloom so we can enjoy their beauty for the remainder of our short summer.

5 thoughts on “Late Bloomers

  1. We have had a pretty dismal summer too as all of our weather patterns in Oregon seem to come down from Alaska this summer…but on the happy side…my gardens have never looked better. I guess NW flowers like gray skies and 65 degree weather 🙂 beautiful photos….maybe the sun will shine through October – I’m hoping!

    • The photos you take and post on your blog inspired us to purchase a DSLR camera. I’m just learning to use it and am having a ton of fun trying out all the features. I absolutely love the quality of pictures it takes!

  2. Beautiful! Can’t believe how late everything is up there, when everything is about a month early here! Having beautiful weather now tho! Great pics! M

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