One Last Hurrah

It’s that time again…when the dread starts mounting and the countdown begins.  I’m way past the countdown part though–I’m grasping at my final hours of summertime freedom. Yes sadly (at least for me), I head back to work tomorrow.  As usual, summer break has flown by; it feels like I just got out of school and now it’s time to go back.  Not a good feeling.

I wanted to make the most of today and the nice weather we had this morning, so Pongo and I walked the mile, from the Kincaid Chalet, down the Coastal Trail to spend some time at Kincaid Beach.  We were so fortunate in that we had the whole beach to ourselves!

Pongo enjoyed wrangling his log in and out of the water…

While Mama tried to capture a very distant Mount McKinley and Mount Foraker.

The frisbee came out and Pongo quickly discovered: sand + mud = one very nasty and dirty frisbee.

But he used his problem-solving skills and made sure that frisbee was clean each time he brought it back.

Washing off the frisbee though didn’t necessarily mean that Pongo also came out clean.

But we tried to rinse him off every now and then, too.

Pongo and I had a wonderful day at the beach-enjoying our last day of summer break!

4 thoughts on “One Last Hurrah

  1. I am also a teacher and I start back the last week of August…no kids until after Labor Day though. I have always wished that we’d have school here in Oregon through June so we could have more of September off. If Alaska is anything like Oregon, August and september are our two sunny months!

    • Can you tell school has started? I haven’t done much with the blog for 3 weeks! It’s been hit the ground running, which I am sure you know exactly how that feels. 🙂 It would be so nice if school districts would base the school schedule on when the weather is the nicest. Our August is typically rainy and September is getting awfully close to winter, so I’m thankful they let us out toward the end of May but going back at the beginning of August seems like an awfully short summer break. Good luck starting back this coming week.

    • LOVE the reds! We always thought we were going to get a blue but Pongo caught my husband’s eye and thank goodness he did because we have one awesome dog!

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