No Rest For The Sick or Weary

Pongo is what we would classify as a “medium energy” Cattle Dog.  He does have an “off” button but sometimes that button gets stuck or just doesn’t work.  And the times when you really need him to lay low, he has other ideas.

I have been sick for the past couple of days and was in no shape to be around other people so I took yesterday and this morning off of work.  Yesterday being a non-daycare day, I knew that it was going to be a crap shoot if Pongo would be able to just settle with me on the couch as I lay like a slug in my sorry state.  Pongo joined me for an hour or so and then started in with his “I’m bored” antics: chasing the cat, wanting outside so he could hopefully stir the pot with the neighbors’ dogs, and running circles around the house with his bully stick in tow hoping to entice me to play.  I dragged myself outside for a couple short spurts of frisbee before needing to lay back down.  It just wasn’t enough for Pongo.  His button was stuck in the “on” position and there was no flipping that switch.

Someone’s not too happy that he has to lay with Mama.


Today, Pongo joined his daycare class late since I took the morning off.  I’m not quite too sure if he had a bunch of pent up energy or just decided to be a total butt head (maybe both?!?) but he sure made himself known in daycare today.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much purple pen marking that middle you’ve-been-bad column!  I’m thankful though that his teachers can be completely honest with us, especially when it comes to unacceptable behavior!

Pongo report cardPongo and I had a heart-to-heart when we got home.  I, stressing how important it is to be nice to your classmates because no one wants to play with someone who is a bully.  Pongo had his own agenda though and I don’t think he was taking our talk too seriously…


Tonight, we’re going to wear his little butt out with some serious mental stimulation in hopes that tomorrow will be a better day for our obstinate little guy!

The Tail That Lost Its Wag

I never suspected that a solo pool party, at the new doggie pool here in Anchorage: Alaska K9 Aquatics could end in a case of cold tail, also known as limber tail.  One minute, Pongo was a happy-go-lucky, loving life, dripping wet canine and the next, a restless, droopy-tailed miserable little guy.

When we got home from our swim session, I wasn’t too sure what was going on.  He wouldn’t settle despite being exhausted; he would lay down for a minute or two, get up and shift positions–never really finding a comfortable position.  I thought his tail looked kind of funny just hanging there but it took Steve noticing something was off, too before it really hit home that something was wrong.  That night quality sleep was beyond our reach as Pongo tried to settle into slumber but just couldn’t. Besides constantly moving around trying to get comfortable, he was up 4-5 times that night needing to go outside.

The poor guy was miserable and was in no shape to attend daycare the next day.  I called him in “sick” and Miss Peg thankfully gave us a lead of what might be afflicting Pongo: cold tail.  After a Google search, we realized that this indeed was what Pongo was suffering from.  One website recommended giving the dog Rimadyl to help with the inflammation and pain.  So, that’s exactly what we did and ended up with a boy who could finally settle and slept the whole day Friday.


We just hope he can find that elusive wag soon…

Portage Valley

I am loving this thing called Spring Break!  It’s been so nice to have some free time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful state we live in.  Pongo and I drove down along the Turnagain Arm to spend some time snowshoeing in Portage Valley today.

Turnagain Arm

DSC02934 DSC02932

Portage Valley

The aftermath of an avalanche that swept across Portage Glacier Road.




DSC02907 DSC02913

Snowshoe hare prints


I had one happy dog on my hands today!




DSC02909Someone didn’t want to cooperate in having his picture taken…


And at the end of the day, I had one pooped boy ready for a nap.