Disappearing Acts

Baffled.  That’s the only word to describe how we are feeling right now.

Pongo spent all day at the vet today.  Besides charming the pants off of them, he was also loaded up with barium for a barium contrast study.  The poor guy is seriously going to be glowing from all the x-rays he’s had over the past week; just today, he probably had a total of 10 x-rays because they were taking images every 30-60 minutes. They were trying to determine 1) if there is even a pit in him and 2) if there is, where the heck is it?

What did we learn from this 8 hour procedure?  That some how, that pit either slipped past us in our beyond diligent potty breaks on a leash and, with much disgust, bagging and squishing every bowel movement with the ever high hopes of feeling that annoyingly evasive nectarine pit.  Or, he’s miraculously digested the pit.  Or…and this is the one that is the most frustrating: maybe he never ate it.  I can’t tell you how many times I have run that dreadful scene through my head: pit drops, Pongo, in one fell swoop, scoops it up as I am yelling at him to leave it!  I swear.  I saw him eat it.  Our vet is pretty darn sure though that Pongo no longer has a nectarine pit bouncing around in his little body.

While we are breathing a small, tentative sigh of relief, we’re just wondering…where did it go?!?


It’s The Pits

This Labor Day weekend is not what I envisioned for 3 glorious days of sunshine and lovely, comfortable temps.  Nope.  This Labor Day weekend has been full of stress, worry and anxiety.  I brought it upon myself though.  But, I also have to forgive myself because accidents do happen…

Pongo, our little Hoover, decided that he’s starving and needed to slurp up a nectarine pit that slipped out of my hand and fell on the floor before “LEA…” (leave it!) could be sputtered from my mouth. (This, unfortunately, is not the actual pit but one that I brought to the vet so they could see what we are working with.)

IMG_1609 IMG_1610

So, we spent Saturday and Sunday at Diamond Animal Hospital taking x-rays and attempting to get him to expel the pit.

Pit X-Ray Test Nectarine Pit

They induced vomiting at least 3 times over the two days (poor guy-he’s not a good puker). We fed him beef broth soaked cotton balls and white bread hoping they would help push it out.  He’s had three meals of oatmeal, coconut oil, and a little food.


He’s bored out of his mind…


…and feeling well enough to roll in something stinky.


He’s pooping regularly–just not that damn pit!

We were told it’s just the right size so who knows, “It might pass and it might not.”

Now, we’re just waiting, waiting, waiting and praying that the pit decides to rear its ugly head sooner rather than later.