It’s The Pits

This Labor Day weekend is not what I envisioned for 3 glorious days of sunshine and lovely, comfortable temps.  Nope.  This Labor Day weekend has been full of stress, worry and anxiety.  I brought it upon myself though.  But, I also have to forgive myself because accidents do happen…

Pongo, our little Hoover, decided that he’s starving and needed to slurp up a nectarine pit that slipped out of my hand and fell on the floor before “LEA…” (leave it!) could be sputtered from my mouth. (This, unfortunately, is not the actual pit but one that I brought to the vet so they could see what we are working with.)

IMG_1609 IMG_1610

So, we spent Saturday and Sunday at Diamond Animal Hospital taking x-rays and attempting to get him to expel the pit.

Pit X-Ray Test Nectarine Pit

They induced vomiting at least 3 times over the two days (poor guy-he’s not a good puker). We fed him beef broth soaked cotton balls and white bread hoping they would help push it out.  He’s had three meals of oatmeal, coconut oil, and a little food.


He’s bored out of his mind…


…and feeling well enough to roll in something stinky.


He’s pooping regularly–just not that damn pit!

We were told it’s just the right size so who knows, “It might pass and it might not.”

Now, we’re just waiting, waiting, waiting and praying that the pit decides to rear its ugly head sooner rather than later.


Happy 365 Day Anniversary!

I feel like I might jinx us by writing this but it has been one full year since we’ve had to look at one of these:

And spend one miserable day at pet emergency praying he will either puke it up or poop it out.

We’ve been diligent in keeping the rocks out of Pongo’s reach: he wears the basket muzzle of shame at daycare, during recess and our No Rock Left Behind campaign last summer.

We cross our fingers he stays smart…

And keeps the rocks on the ground!


I thought I would never be blogging about this again.  I was certain I would never again have to use the “Pet Emergency” or “Rocks” categories as I blogged.  But today, I was proven wrong.

We spent 1 1/2 hours waiting at Pet Emergency this morning, with an even longer wait ahead of us because it seemed to be Doggie-Ingest-Foreign-Objects-Day (there were at least 3 other dogs in front of us who needed X-rays).  I called over to Diamond Animal Hospital to see how busy they were and they were able to get us in right away.  The x-rays confirmed it–Pongo slurped down another bleeping rock!

Thankfully, it was still in his stomach.  The vet fed him, induced vomiting and up it came with no problem.

Pongo has been doing so well lately–we’ve had no rock incidences since December.  As far as we know, he’s faithfully been wearing the basket muzzle of shame at doggie daycare, so I suspect he got this rock from our yard. Our number one priority is to clear the yard of enticements.

We also need to continue working diligently on Pongo’s “leave its” and “keep the damn rocks on the ground!”

Someone not feeling too hot after returning home from our fabulous Mother’s Day outing.

Rock Eating Dingo

While sitting at Pet Emergency yet again, we came across this picture of a Dingo in National Geographic.  It could totally be Pongo–just a lankier version of Pongo.

By the way, Pongo seems to be faring well after eating another 4 rocks: two larger ones he regurgitated and 2 smaller ones he was able to pass.  I just don’t know what we are going to do with this dog, except maybe make him wear the Hannibal Lecter mask while outside!