NRLB: Mission Accomplished!

Our NRock Left Behind campaign is complete!  It only took most of the summer for us to finally have a Pongo-Proofed yard.  Every scrumptious bit of river rock that Pongo so enjoys to partake in has been removed.  Every 6 foot board of jumpable fence has been replaced with a hopefully-there’s-no-way-he-can-get-his-body-over-that 7 foot cedar board. All that is left are 16×16 pavers, which there is no way he can wrap his mouth around these, and some pea gravel that he appears to have no interest in ingesting, for the doggie potty area.  We are enjoying “Fort Buchanan” and the sense of relief that Pongo is safe when out in the yard.

Before: Delicious Rock Walkway

After: 16×16 Pavers 

Before: 6 Foot Catapult Himself Over Fence 

After: 7 Foot Fence With New Sod For More Play Area

After: Doggie Potty Area

I have to include some garden shots to remind us all of the glorious summer we’ve had this year!

3 thoughts on “NRLB: Mission Accomplished!

    • Thanks, Mom. I bet you’re thankful we didn’t make landscaping one of our “projects” while you were up visiting. Love you too!

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