How Do They Know?

Pull out the luggage and Reid starts pacing.  Pack a bag or two and Pongo’s whole mood swings from Mr. Happy Go Lucky to Mr. Melancholy.  Pongo doesn’t do well when his pack isn’t together. He becomes a whole lot more barky and turns into a super pill: testing, testing, testing. Basically, driving Mama crazy.

To Pongo’s dismay, Steve spent most of last week working out in the field at Port MacKenzie. He came home on Saturday night and you could visibly see the relief in Pongo’s eyes.  He plopped himself down between Steve and myself happy as a clam.  Unfortunately, Steve began packing again last night to head back out into the field this week, and Pongo knew exactly what that meant: Papa’s leaving again.

I now have one depressed dog on my hands.

2 thoughts on “How Do They Know?

    • I know! It breaks my heart seeing him like this. We’ve never had a dog take one or both of our absences so hard. Sounds like he got lots of lovin’ at daycare today–he definitely needs all he can get right now. :+)

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