Ready For College?

We learned very quickly that if we don’t keep Pongo busy, he’ll find ways to entertain himself that are totally unacceptable: chasing kitties, climbing the 3-tiered cat condo, watching out the window ready to bark at those pesky dogs who walk by, and so much more.  In his short 22-month life, Pongo has participated in a total of 13 1/2 classes!

6-Week Classes

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy II (x2)

Proofing (x2)

Rally Novice

Rally Advanced/Excellent

Agility I

Agility II (only 1/2 the class as he decided to eat rocks and hence needed surgery)

Intro To Nose Work

3-Week Workshops

Practicing Self-Control (x2)

Reliable Recall

Attention & Leash Work

We are currently in one of my favorite classes, and what I believe to be Pongo’s favorite too: Intro To Nose Work (Alaska Dog Sports).

A little explanation of what is going on in the video: During Week 2 while we hold and distract Pongo, a treat is hidden in a “food” box.  Pongo then has to find it.  If dogs are having a hard time finding the treat, Liz, our trainer will try to direct the dog to the area where the treat is hidden by throwing boxes or making a distraction in that area.  The treat Pongo was looking for was in the box on the chair.  We are going on Week 5 and the treat is now hidden in a small metal container that has a small opening on the side so the scent can escape.  The area he has to search has also grown bigger.  I will definitely be posting more videos on his progress, as he’s getting better and better every week!


We woke up this morning to clear blue skies and sun-a perfect day for a drive.  So, we loaded up the dogs and headed down to Seward.

Pongo slept most of the way down, saving up his energy for all the new sights and smells.

Lowell Point Beach

And a couple of Reid’s photobombs…

After a long day of walking on the beach and in town, we had one tired pup.