Ready For College?

We learned very quickly that if we don’t keep Pongo busy, he’ll find ways to entertain himself that are totally unacceptable: chasing kitties, climbing the 3-tiered cat condo, watching out the window ready to bark at those pesky dogs who walk by, and so much more.  In his short 22-month life, Pongo has participated in a total of 13 1/2 classes!

6-Week Classes

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy II (x2)

Proofing (x2)

Rally Novice

Rally Advanced/Excellent

Agility I

Agility II (only 1/2 the class as he decided to eat rocks and hence needed surgery)

Intro To Nose Work

3-Week Workshops

Practicing Self-Control (x2)

Reliable Recall

Attention & Leash Work

We are currently in one of my favorite classes, and what I believe to be Pongo’s favorite too: Intro To Nose Work (Alaska Dog Sports).

A little explanation of what is going on in the video: During Week 2 while we hold and distract Pongo, a treat is hidden in a “food” box.  Pongo then has to find it.  If dogs are having a hard time finding the treat, Liz, our trainer will try to direct the dog to the area where the treat is hidden by throwing boxes or making a distraction in that area.  The treat Pongo was looking for was in the box on the chair.  We are going on Week 5 and the treat is now hidden in a small metal container that has a small opening on the side so the scent can escape.  The area he has to search has also grown bigger.  I will definitely be posting more videos on his progress, as he’s getting better and better every week!

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