Cheap Entertainment

On Wednesday I was at Home Depot chaperoning a rather horrendous field trip, which I will refrain from expatiating on, and felt a tap on my shoulder.  There stood Miss Kari, the owner of Dog Tired Doggie Daycare.  I gave a quick “hello” in-between corralling kids and also noticed she was pushing a cart full of rope in plastic bags.  I thought to myself, “What ARE they doing to our dogs with all that rope?!?”

The next day when I dropped Pongo off at daycare, I asked Kari what the heck they were doing with all that rope?  She laughed and said it wasn’t rope but rather very absorbent, antibacterial mop heads.  Well, that explained it all…Until today when I received these photos and realized this is how our beloved Dog Tired Doggie Daycare staff entertain themselves!

Cinco de Pongo

Fabio Lloyd

And while I was laughing my butt off, I knew Pongo was one humiliated boy!  Thank goodness he is a good sport and a very forgiving guy…

Pongo Snuggling With Miss Lindsay

New Snow

Anchorage got a good dumping of snow yesterday.  Something that hasn’t happened in a while and, in my opinion, much needed to help “freshen” things up.

The dogs enjoyed playing and romping in the new snow today.

I also built a snow berm in hopes Pongo would fly over it like Reid used to do when she was a more agile young lady.

To view on an iOS device click HERE.

And while Pongo did fly, I think he had more fun “killing” the tug toy.

To view on YouTube click HERE.

I would say everyone had fun because they both are resting peacefully, for now…

Settling In

MONDAY: Office time and hour long walk with Papa, Play in the yard with Mama, Training Time

TUESDAY: Doggie Daycare, Training Time

WEDNESDAY: Office time and hour long walk with Papa, Play in the yard with Mama, Proofing Class

THURSDAY: Doggie Daycare

FRIDAY: Doggie Daycare, Bath, REST

After a very busy week and 3 days at doggie daycare, one stinky boy needed a bath and to settle in for some rest time.

To view on YouTube click HERE.

The Sneak

If I can just squeeze my body through this little hole-in-the-wall, I will be rewarded with a smorgasbord of kitty delights: 2 litter boxes to nose around in and hopefully find a few buried treasures and a feeder of full food I know is off-limits (my favorite thing to partake in!).

Once Mama figured out I could get my whole body through that little kitty door…ACCESS DENIED!