Cheap Entertainment

On Wednesday I was at Home Depot chaperoning a rather horrendous field trip, which I will refrain from expatiating on, and felt a tap on my shoulder.  There stood Miss Kari, the owner of Dog Tired Doggie Daycare.  I gave a quick “hello” in-between corralling kids and also noticed she was pushing a cart full of rope in plastic bags.  I thought to myself, “What ARE they doing to our dogs with all that rope?!?”

The next day when I dropped Pongo off at daycare, I asked Kari what the heck they were doing with all that rope?  She laughed and said it wasn’t rope but rather very absorbent, antibacterial mop heads.  Well, that explained it all…Until today when I received these photos and realized this is how our beloved Dog Tired Doggie Daycare staff entertain themselves!

Cinco de Pongo

Fabio Lloyd

And while I was laughing my butt off, I knew Pongo was one humiliated boy!  Thank goodness he is a good sport and a very forgiving guy…

Pongo Snuggling With Miss Lindsay

2 thoughts on “Cheap Entertainment

  1. What darling pics, Pongo doesn’t look too impressed though. LOL!!! Darcy would shred the mop to thank them for dressing them up.

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