I thought I would never be blogging about this again.  I was certain I would never again have to use the “Pet Emergency” or “Rocks” categories as I blogged.  But today, I was proven wrong.

We spent 1 1/2 hours waiting at Pet Emergency this morning, with an even longer wait ahead of us because it seemed to be Doggie-Ingest-Foreign-Objects-Day (there were at least 3 other dogs in front of us who needed X-rays).  I called over to Diamond Animal Hospital to see how busy they were and they were able to get us in right away.  The x-rays confirmed it–Pongo slurped down another bleeping rock!

Thankfully, it was still in his stomach.  The vet fed him, induced vomiting and up it came with no problem.

Pongo has been doing so well lately–we’ve had no rock incidences since December.  As far as we know, he’s faithfully been wearing the basket muzzle of shame at doggie daycare, so I suspect he got this rock from our yard. Our number one priority is to clear the yard of enticements.

We also need to continue working diligently on Pongo’s “leave its” and “keep the damn rocks on the ground!”

Someone not feeling too hot after returning home from our fabulous Mother’s Day outing.

2 thoughts on “Duped

  1. Oh Geez Jen! And on Mother’s Day too! I have never had a rock eater…what a goof ball Pongo!!!!!

  2. O O O Bad Doggie! So many enticements in the yard! I’m having a great time chasing birds and enjoying my big back yard. I’m dog tired at the end of my day. My enticement is Dad’s shoes..m-m- good! Mom got sort of mad tho when she saw it…sure don’t know why???? Love, Abbie

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