Here and Now?

I’ve always heard that dogs live in the here and now. Don’t worry about the future. Don’t worry about the past.  Pongo has proven that it’s all a big myth.  This dog worries about things that are about to happen and lets these events turn his whole world upside down.

Last night, I was packing my bag for a quick trip down to Seattle to visit Steve’s family. I am usually not the one to pack bags and leave for trips–that’s Steve. Pongo saw what I was doing and immediately put his long face, mopey ears, and worried eyes on.  Bags being packed equals someone is leaving, and that just does not sit well with Pongo.

Pongo curled right up next to Papa when Steve got in bed, as I was still packing.  It’s a rarity for Pongo to snuggle with Papa in bed.  He is usually sleeping right on top of me every night and trying to snag some of my pillow.  But last night, he wanted nothing to do with me.  He is breaking my heart with his worried looks and little sensitive, hurt soul.

I wish he would buck up and realize that Mama will come back!

Two Taking On Seattle

My sister Sarah, who lives in South Carolina met me for 4 days in Seattle before I headed back to Anchorage. We packed the days with gardens, hiking, markets, posing for some fabulous “Senior” pictures, and nightly dinners at my new found love: Whole Foods.

Saint Edward State Park

After hiking, we ate an incredibly scrumptious vegan lunch in Bastyr University’s Cafeteria.

Pike Place Market

I was in Fiestaware heaven at this store…

Watch out for the man who runs off with your baby to the public restroom?!?

Chuckanut Drive

University of Washington Botanic Garden and Bellevue Botanical Garden

We found a Hobbit door!

I need to give a big shout out to Michelle for telling us all the places we should explore while in and around Seattle.

Thank you, Michelle!