Fan Mail

Email received today:

Dearest Pongo,

I want you to know you are a very handsome C.D.

However, beyond that you are spoiled rotten!
In fact, my daughter even told me that in her next life she is coming back as you!

I used to think I was an OK mom but how can I measure up?  I think your mom and dad need to
rethink your college funds!


Dear Miss S-

Thank you very much.  I should let you know though, it is very hard being so cute because I want to be so BAD…chasing kitties, eating rocks, barking at those 4-legged subordinate beings that walk by the house, and trying to out smart my Mama and Papa!  My motto in life is: I do what I want!

I think your daughter would have a good life here with my Mama and Papa. Tell her that if she does come back as a Cattle Dog, to milk it for all they got!

College fund?  I don’t need no stinkin’ college–I’m a Cattle Dog!  Plus, I think my Mama and Papa are broke from all the trips to the vet because I keep eating those hard, yet very tasty grey things.

Herd On,