It’s A Good Thing

My mother-in-law, Bev has a sign that hangs in her house.  It reads: “Martha Stewart Doesn’t Live Here…It’s A Good Thing.”  I chuckle every time I read that sign because both Bev and my Mom are very crafty but not in a Martha Stewart-ish type of way.  I envy the creativity that comes from the brilliant craft minds of these two women.  The quilting and knitting projects they create are beautiful!  And, I definitely could have used their expertise last night when I was cramming in some marathon sewing of Pongo’s Christmas stocking. Nothing like procrastinating until the very last minute to get something done (voting for the holiday stocking contest at Dog Tired Doggie Daycare started today).

I’m no Martha Stewart.  I know she would be appalled at the amount of time I took, all doing and re-doing I had to do, and the choice words that sometimes flew out of my mouth.  Eight hours of non-stop sewing later, I think the end product turned out to be something I can be proud of hanging on our stocking chest of drawers with care (unfortunately, no mantel in this house).

Trying to capture Pongo’s affinity for rocks.

The infamous Pongo ears.

The innocent porcupine Pongo decided to tangle with.

All ready for Santa!