Say Cheese!

Pongo loves to chew and he’s very good about only chewing appropriate things.  He has a toy basket full of Galileo Bones for him to chew at his leisure but his all-time favorite chew object is a raw beef marrow bone.

He gets to indulge in these while Steve and I eat dinner.  We are very careful about watching him so he doesn’t break off large pieces or partake in too much of a good thing and end up with an upset tummy.  It’s pure ecstasy for him to dive into his raw bone.

As you can tell, Pongo can be a total little brother when it comes to flaunting his bone in front of Reid.  Reid does get a bone too but spends a few minutes licking them and then she’s done.  I think it hurts her deteriorating teeth to chew on something so hard.  We end up putting her bone away when she’s done because Pongo will be greedy and want both bones.

We are always on the look out for chews that aren’t going to cause intestinal blockage (rawhides) or break off into big pieces that will have to be surgically extracted later (some raw bones).  I had seen these Himalayan Dog Chews at our local Mill & Feed store but always bypassed them because they were made out of Yak and Cow’s milk.

With ingredients like those, I assumed they were soft and would be devoured within minutes.  Then I read a post on the Notes From A Dog Walker blog about these dog chews.  The author was raving about them and how long they lasted, even with her most powerful chewer.  So, I picked some up the next time I was at Alaska Mill & Feed.

Pongo loves his new cheesy sticks!  I love that they break off in small pieces and if he does happen to break off a larger piece, he’s able and pretty good about chewing them down into smaller pieces.  The only drawback the Himalayan Dog Chews have is they give Pongo some pretty horrendous gas.  Oh well…I guess that’s the price you pay for some peace of mind.

Dem Bones

I’ve never been one to feed our dogs raw bones.  They gross me out!  And as a vegetarian, I’m really not wanting to touch nasty, slimy bones (you should see me trying to cook Steve’s meaty dinner–LONG wooden spoons to mix up his hamburgers.  Yes, I’m a very good wife!).  I realize bones are what their ancestors eat out in the wild.  But, the horror stories of bones splintering, dogs needing surgery to remove bone shards deterred me from buying them bones.  We do allow the dogs to gnaw on deer or elk antlers but they lose interest in those rather quickly.

The bone issue came to a head, when the vet recommended we feed Reid raw bones to help clean her teeth.  Because of her age, we were all worried about putting her under to have her teeth cleaned.  So, off I went in search of raw bones.  I was not too thrilled about having to go to a meat market like Mr. Prime Beef to find raw bones.  Luckily, when we were shopping at my all time favorite store Alaska Mill and Feed, we ran across a refrigerator full of raw bones!

The dogs get to gnaw on a frozen, raw bone for 15-20 minutes every now and then as a special treat.  Reid is gung-ho for about 5 minutes and then gives up; I have a feeling her teeth hurt her.  Poor baby.  We do keep a good eye on our wild man, Pongo when he’s chewing on his bone.  We never know what kind of stunt he might pull: try to swallow the whole thing out of bone-induced ecstasy?!?

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