Happy Belated Birthday, Sweet Boy!

Our now more adult looking, more mature (at times) Cattle Dog turned 4 yesterday.  It was the first birthday Steve and I were not with him to celebrate.  Instead, we were up in Fairbanks for Steve’s high school reunion, enjoying the Fairbanks’ midnight sun.  This picture was taken around 10:30 PM.


This year, there was no crazy dog lady baking cookies or cupcakes for his daycare class. Instead, he spent a quiet birthday with the other love of his life, Miss Sue.  On the agenda for the birthday boy’s day:

1) Sleep in since the day before he had to get up at the ungodly hour of 6:00 AM; he was not happy about that at all!


2) Take a nap because he had been up only a couple hours and it was needed.  I honestly think there are times when he is the laziest Cattle Dog around (not complaining though)!


3) Take a walk with Miss Sue.


4) Play a little frisbee.

Overall, I think he had a very good birthday despite Mama and Papa’s absence.

Happy Belated Birthday To Our Crazy Boy, Pongo!


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