The Birthday Boy

Pongo turns 2 today and I don’t know who is more excited about it: him or me?

I told myself I was going to keep things simple this year and avoid the crazy lady label of last year, when it came to making goodies for Pongo to share with his daycare friends.  But, that idea was quickly thrown out the window.  I actually think I out did myself this year which makes me even CRAZIER and possibly the laughing stock of doggie daycare!

Last year, I spent hours looking for dog biscuit recipes and cookie cutters, and then making 3 different doggie treats with some pretty rank baby food.  Luckily this year, I was able to avoid putrid baby food by using recipes out of The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook by Bubba Rose Biscuit Company.  I found this on the clearance table at Barnes and Noble this winter and what a gem of a find!

So instead this year, I spent a good chunk of time choosing which receptacle to place the dog biscuits and party favors in, and then deciding how to decorate the receptacles.  I guess I have to obsess about something, right?  After much thought and consideration, Pongo’s daycare friends are receiving: 1 Ohm My These Are Good dog-shaped biscuit, 1 Dragon Slayers bone-shaped biscuit, and 1 tennis ball all enclosed in a very cleverly (in my humble opinion) decorated chinese food box.

A very Happy Birthday to our sweet boy, Pongo!

9 thoughts on “The Birthday Boy

  1. hi crazy lady!

    way cool! i’m already thinking about rudder’s first birthday if it makes you feel any better!

    and now you know why i make rudder’s food instead of feeding him that jar of nastiness.

    you need to have a show where you are the martha stewart of doggie food and crafts.

    happy birthday to pongo! tell steve i’m going to send him (pongo) a box of rocks and silly putty! haha.

    i hope you, steve and the animals are enjoying your summer!


    • That cracks me up, Alissa! I’m definitely no Martha Stewart, even with doggie food and crafts. Ahhh…no rocks or silly putty, please. :+)

  2. I just LOVE the doggie treats!! Pongo is adorable. Can’t wait until he is 3~ but those teenage years can be rough on indulging mommas! Hee hee! I 2nd Alissa about taking the treats to a bazaar! I know they would be a huge success! : )

  3. Just one question, Jen….Why a cow on the box? Those look like some yummy treats for Pongo’s friends. You out did yourself this year! Nice job! Love ya Mom

    • I thought I was being clever by putting cows on the boxes because he’s a “Cattle” Dog. I may be the only one that got it. :+)

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