Happy Birthday, Pongo!

Our sweet boy Pongo turns 3 today.  From the day we brought him home to this moment, we have seen immense amounts of change in him.  He’s gone from a nippy, pushy little tyrant to a kiss-giving, goofy little man who will only sometimes now push the limits just to see how far he can get…but that’s also a Cattle Dog for you!

To start off the birthday celebration, Mama made sweet potato/pumpkin cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and topped with meaty treats for Pongo to share with his doggie friends at daycare yesterday.

Note to self: do not use peanut butter frosting on cupcakes and then try to stuff them into the tiniest treat bag known to humankind.

Pongo’s favorite part of baking…licking the spoon.

Our plan for this morning was to try breakfast at the Glacier Brewhouse (so not worth it but glad we tried it so that we can cross it off of our breakfast dining possibilities) and then go for a walk downtown.  Unbeknownst to us, or maybe we are just really out of it, a HUGE festival was going on downtown: Downtown Summer Solstice Festival.  It was starting to become a madhouse by the time we were done with breakfast and ready for our walk. Pongo can handle lots of people but was pretty stressed out as we were dodging dogs left and right.  We got as far as Town Square where we quickly stopped to enjoy the gardens, and then hightailed it back to the car because it was too much for Pongo; he just wasn’t enjoying himself.  We were able to snap a couple pictures before our retreat.

Anchorage has been experiencing some phenomenal, well-deserved weather these past couple of days.  Weather nice enough to pull out the pool for Pongo’s birthday enjoyment. We did add water, incase your wondering.

Pongo also got to play a little frisbee.

And then watch for squirrels while resting.

Pongo’s last mission on his special day was to help Mama and Papa nab all the mosquitoes that latch onto Pongo’s underside for a free ride into the house.  He’s actually a very good bug catcher, if he doesn’t spaz too much when he hears the “Get the bug” command.

And now, we have one pooped birthday boy.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Pongo!

  1. Looks like you had a spectacular day and the whole town turned out to celebrate! Love you, crazy boy – happy birthday!

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