Taking On Texas: Part 1

Spring break is here and Steve and I decided to take the plunge: take a trip without the dogs. We have only traveled once before without Pongo, and that time we were able to have a friend stay at the house with all of the pets. This time, Reid went to stay with Miss Peg and Pongo went to stay with Miss Kari. Reid is so easy going that we had no worries about leaving her, plus she’s been to doggie sleepovers before. Pongo, on the other hand has not. We were apprehensive about leaving him with someone but knew he would be in good hands with Miss Kari; she knows his idiosyncrasies. Miss Kari is also graciously stopping in a couple times a day to check in on Puna and give her some lovin’.

The trip down to visit with my parents in Brownsville, Texas was a 20 hour ordeal but we made it and have been enjoying the warm weather and spending time outdoors:

Boca Chica Beach




Golf Tournament: Team Alaska



Steve won the “longest drive” and sports the coveted green jacket.



And, we’ve received lots of updates on how the dogs are doing: Reid, fantastic as always.


Pongo has done really well for being away from Mama, Papa and the safety of his own home. He is behaving himself and being a respectful house guest.





Pongo showing off his obsession with water bottles.


The only issue he’s had was separating from Miss Kari at daycare yesterday. He was rather obnoxious barking at the wall and door of the classroom to get at her. She is getting to experience what cattle dog owners call the Velcro dog. Today at daycare though, he was a very good boy and appears totally smitten with his new girlfriend, Bella.


We are just so thankful and pleased that things are going so well. Tomorrow, we’re off to San Antonio.

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