Field Trip!

Pongo will be staying with Miss Kari over Spring Break.  To help him ease into staying with Miss Kari and her pack, Miss Kari and Miss Peg graciously took him yesterday to meet her three dogs.  Here’s the email I received from Pongo after his field trip:


Today I went on a field trip with Miss Kari and Miss Peg.  When I left the building I saw your car, but then Miss Kari started to drive and I was confused because you were not there.  Miss Peg told me it was ok because Miss Kari’s car is just like yours.  Our field trip was my chance to visit the two remedial daycare homes where kids who are not so smart spend their days since they can’t go to Dog Tired. 

Our first stop was at Miss Kari’s house where I met Tobe, Abby and Maddie.  I was a very good boy and did not do anything out of line.  I greeted each dog very respectfully, which actually surprised both Miss Kari and Miss Peg.  We investigated each other and made our way around the yard.  Tobe peed on a lot of snow so I followed him around and did it too.  We all went number two and then Miss Kari and Miss Peg decided that it was a great start and we should head out on a good note.  I get to go again later this week to see my new friends once more.  Next time I will meet the cat and see the inside of Miss Kari’s house.

At Miss Peg’s house I didn’t meet any dogs put I did help them move a treadmill into the car so they could transport it to Dog Tired for the staff to use in the break room.  I was a very brave boy because that treadmill was big and mean and scared me a bit.  We arrived back at Dog Tired and I ran into class to tell all my doggie pals about my big adventure.  What a great day!

Love you – PONGO

And here’s Pongo after his field trip adventures…

One worn out boy (who was also being rather bad by making his sleeping nest right on top of Mama’s pillows!).

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