Taking On Texas: Part 2

After spending 4 days in Brownsville, we made the five hour drive up to San Antonio. I had never been to San Antonio but heard it was a great city to explore.  And, who ever I heard that from was not lying.  San Antonio kept us plenty busy for the two days we were there.  One of the best decisions we made was to stay at a hotel that was 8 blocks from the River Walk.  We walked everywhere enjoying the perfect weather.

Walking Through The King William Historic District 

Steve engaged in his favorite past time: finding survey monuments

The River Walk

Outside The Alamo (It was probably a 4 hour wait to actually go in!)

Japanese Tea Garden

We had a wonderful trip spending time with my parents; I know we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves because we knew Pongo and Reid were safe with Miss Kari and Miss Peg.  And while Pongo had a blast at Miss Kari’s, I do think he was relieved to be home with his family as he slept all day Saturday and all day Sunday!

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