We’ve come to realize Pongo is a true snow dog.  Forget the hot, sweltering Australian sun of his ancestry, he is a true Alaskan. He loves the snow: burying his head in it, digging for his toys in it, and most of all playing in it.  Anchorage has received well over a foot of snow the past week or so.  While the constant shoveling can be tedious, I’d rather be shoveling feet of snow than sliding, skidding, not able to do anything, on rain and ice.  I just hope a warm front doesn’t move in, before we can strap on our snowshoes and go exploring with the dogs!

It was going to be just a quick play session outside so we didn’t put Reid’s coat on.  10 minutes later, the poor girl was cold and ready to come in.

A pooped Pongo after playing in the snow.

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