Reid turns thirteen today.  I’ve always been told, “Big dogs don’t live to be that old” but thankfully, she’s proving us all wrong!  Besides a few more bumps and lumps and a little more wobble and hobble, she’s still chugging along like she’s a young, spry whippersnapper.  Plus, she’s come leaps and bounds in her old age: walking on those scary wood and tile floors that she’s avoided the past 12 years!

On the birthday girl’s agenda:

Posing for birthday pictures with her pesky brother and Kona the cat.

Enjoying homemade smoked bison sausage and cheddar cheese cookies.

Shoveling the driveway with Mama, while a very upset Pongo watches from inside because he can’t be trusted to stick around.

Playing some frisbee out in the freshly fallen snow.

And…putting up with her goofball of a brother.

Happy birthday Reid!  We love you!

3 thoughts on “Thirteen

  1. Happy Birthday, Reid. Late but still heart-felt! I remember when you were just a little whipper-snapper, peeing in our house…but so smart and trained in a jiff! You go girl! Luv ya like one of my own! Love, Grandma O…

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