Blown Away

Pongo goes to work with Steve on Wednesdays.  Usually, he is kenneled in the car with occasional potty breaks or a visit to Papa’s office. And even though Pongo has plenty of office toys and chew toys, he gets bored after about 20 minutes and will begin to bark, so back to the car he goes.

This past Wednesday Anchorage experienced what felt like hurricane force winds.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t also been frigidly cold.  Fluctuating between -23˚and -30˚ was the windchill reading on the temperature gauge, at work.  On this particularly gusting and bone-chilling day, Steve brought Pongo into the office to warm up.  I think Pongo made the conscious choice to be a good boy, to avoid having to go back out to the car, because he spent 6 peaceful hours snoozing in Papa’s office!

It also could have been that he was trying to avoid having to wear his car coat…

2 thoughts on “Blown Away

    • I hate to say but that was when Pongo was having his tummy upset and right as I snapped that last picture, he was letting out a big Pongo Bomb. So, I don’t know if that is a look of relief or uncomfortableness??? :+)

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