Holiday Season Reflections

At the beginning of the school year in August, the thought of December feels so far off.  But Labor Day turns into Halloween, which turns into Thanksgiving, and then you’re on the slippery slope to Winter Break (can you tell school staff live for those glorious days we have off?).

I remember loving Christmas vacation as a kid.  Spending the days playing outside in the snow, sledding, waiting with bated breath for Santa’s arrival.  Most kids look forward to Winter Break but the kids I work with, home is often not a safe place.  The anticipation of spending 2 long weeks at home causes a lot of our kiddos to fly off the handle.  This time of year is a busy one for me, as the school counselor: helping students just make it through the day, attempting to sooth fears, making safety plans, and in-between putting out the fires, I might get to enjoy a classroom holiday party or two.

I worry about our students during this time but I also know I need these two weeks to relax and recharge; that means letting things go that I can’t control, like our students’ lives.  My plan is to spend quality time with my wonderful husband, hit a Pilates class everyday, and play outside with the dogs as much as possible: snowshoeing, walking, and skiing so that I can go back to school rejuvenated.

Wishing everyone a relaxing and wonderful holiday season!

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