House Hunting

We’re on a search.  It’s been on-going (well, at least I have been looking not so much Steve) for the past couple of years.  Now that we have Pongo, the search has intensified.

It will be 10 years in May that we’ve been in this house.  We bought it because of it’s “charm” (real estate term) and it’s “quirkiness” (our term).  We’ve put copious amounts of sweat equity into the house–thank you, Mom and Dad for your tireless help!  We’ve endured the hell having a makeshift kitchen consisting of a coffee maker, a toaster, and a microwave set-up in our living room for 4 months, while our kitchen was being remodeled; a week of no heat in single digit temps while waiting for the new hot-water base boards to be put in, and the backaches of moving 7 tons of rock (bad choice for landscaping but hindsight is 20/20) to beautify the backyard.  If we put so much time and money into our house, why on earth would we want to move?  We need more space, specifically lot square footage.  Our little 6600 square foot lot makes it awfully difficult to do much of anything when it comes to playing with the dogs outside.  I wouldn’t mind 600-700 square foot added to the house size either.

Our next house has to have character, no cookie-cutter houses for us.  It has to have at least 10,000 square feet for the yard and some sense of privacy would be an added bonus.  If we could find all of this on the Westside of Anchorage, we would be in heaven!

We spent 3 hours today driving around Anchorage looking at houses.  Pongo accompanied us trying out his new seatbelt, the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness.  He was such a good boy and was thrilled he could sit and watch out the window, instead of peering through the slats of his kennel.

We didn’t find anything today but are in no rush.  We want to find something we love and not something we’re going to settle for.  And even though we didn’t find anything, we did drive through some beautiful parts of Anchorage while looking.

All the driving and house hunting wore all of us out–including Pongo.

1 thought on “House Hunting

  1. I just LOVE the seatbelt! What a good puppy! Good luck in your search! I used to tour Anchorage when Mom was a Realtor. We had a great time checking out some of those “quirky” homes. : )

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