We made it through a weekend without spending time in Pet Emergency.  That’s definitely something to celebrate because I can’t even imagine going through 3 weeks of surgery recovery again!

When Pongo was out of commission recovering from his rock extraction abdominal surgery, trying to figure out how to entertain him was a massive task.  He was not allowed to go for walks the first week and the other two recovery weeks were supposed to be “subdued.”  Fortunately, he wasn’t itching to be super active.  What he was needing more than anything was mental stimulation.  We had to keep him mentally tired or he would find his own ways to entertain himself, which most often was pummeling the kitties.

We found a couple games that did the job quite nicely.  Plus, I knew I had to get these games because there were Cattle Dogs used to advertise both of the games!   The Bob-A-Lot Interactive Toy for Dogs (thanks for the suggestion, Miss Kari) and Dog Casino were life savers while Pongo was recuperating.

To view on YouTube click HERE.

5 thoughts on “Cha-Ching!

  1. How about a video of the games…that should be interesting! Glad to hear Pongo has stayed out of trouble…Mom

    • It seems that someone (Sony???) has put a restriction on the video so it’s more difficult to view. I can see how you might have missed that, Mom. :+) Lame! I think I need to figure something else out for videos!

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