The Day of Poo

Poor Pongo had such an off day at daycare today.  It was completely unexpected as nothing was out of the ordinary with him this morning.  He went through his usual morning routine: out to potty, in for breakfast, and back to bed until it’s time to go.  I dropped him off at daycare thinking he was pretty happy to be there but I guess I was wrong.

The report card reads: “Oh Mama! I can’t tell a lie.  It was the day of poo.  Just one of those days you realize it happens, don’t have to like it and it stinks.  No, I’m not proud but I am aware of my attitude and it needs a “removal”/flushing.”

I totally appreciate Miss Sue keeping her sense of humor, while having to deal with a cranky, moody Pongo as I know that can be no fun!

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