Home Alone

We are not yet to the point of allowing Pongo to roam the house while we are away; he is either with one of us, kenneled in the car, or kenneled at home.  I’m sure he would be fine but I envision coming home to havoc: tuffs of cat hair scattered around the house, our neatly made bed torn apart, countertop appliances pushed over the edge only to meet their fate of dents and broken pieces (I do have to give it to Pongo he has never all-four-paws, full body counter-surfed but who knows what his inclination would be if Mama and Papa were gone).

It was such a gorgeous evening tonight that I decided to walk up to the voting polls, and put Pongo to the test while I went to vote–I left him free to wander the house. Now, I’m no lollygagger when it comes to walking.  I walk at a good clip and am often told by Steve that I need to “slow down.”  Walking to and from the voting polls, with voting in-between took me all of 16 minutes.  I was pleasantly surprised to come home to one very good Cattle Dog boy waiting patiently in his chair.

And, not one tuff of Puna hair to be found…

3 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. See, he can do it! Try a little longer next time…They do get bored it left too long…Abbie always finds a waste basket to empty and go through..last time it was the kitchen one..and the living room looked like a disaster zone!

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