Crystal Gallery of Ice

Breakfast and a walk downtown with Pongo has been our Saturday morning ritual the past couple of weekends.  We are really trying to expose Pongo to new situations and environments while practicing our heeling, “watch me,” and greeting people appropriately (i.e. NOT jump on them).  He has done such a wonderful job and seems to really enjoy the new experiences.  Today, we walked through Town Square and were pleasantly surprised to find artists working on their ice sculptures for the Crystal Gallery of Ice Competition.

This Easter Island Moai sculpture was carved by Chris, who along with his significant other, Melanie own two Cattle Dogs.  They have been a great resource for working with Pongo.

And my all time favorite sculpture…

1 thought on “Crystal Gallery of Ice

  1. Pongo did great when greeting Chris and I. No jumping, he was polite and very happy to greet. Despite his taste for rocks and his teenage antics, Pongo is a very nice boy.

    Just last night we had a major ACD milestone. My girls (mostly) contained themselves when a friend came to the door. Living with a Cattle dogs is certainly and ‘experience’.

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