Beauty and The Beast

After a long night of managing Pongo’s restlessness because of fireworks going off around us, I woke up to grey skies and 50 degrees…again.  I was tired and a little bit weather cranky but knew Audra was going to be waiting for us at the Gold Mint Trailhead.  So, I packed up the car and made the venture to Hatcher Pass.  As we drove further North and further from Anchorage, blue skies started to peek in-between the grey.  I started feeling hopeful that we may actually get to hike in some decent weather.  By the time we arrived at the trailhead, the sun was shining and it was absolutely gorgeous!  I can’t believe I even thought about not going…I wouldn’t have missed this hike for anything.


Greta and Phoebe

Audra and the girls


Pongo showing me he really doesn’t like having his picture taken.


My attempt to get a picture with Pongo–he was having none of that.

Dwarf Dogwood

Alaska Spirea

Success!  I got Pongo to sit still for the 10 seconds it took to shoot this photo.


I’m not too sure what jumped out and got Pongo: a rock, a log, an animal he found in the brush?  I didn’t hear him yelp or cry and he wasn’t acting any different until we got home. He was walking a little funny and I thought he was just tired and sore.  But as I was brushing him out, I came across this nasty beast that took 2 staples and a week’s worth of antibiotics to tame.

Our poor boy is now having to wear the donut-of-shame.
And is having a hard time getting comfortable.

I’m sure though he has absolutely no regrets about running, jumping and zipping around having the time of his life.

3 thoughts on “Beauty and The Beast

  1. Weather cranky? You should be in the South East right now. Last 2 weeks of over 100F daily with near 100% humidity. 50 degrees and cloudy skies sounds so good.

    • I know. I shouldn’t be complaining about our weather when everyone else is in an extremely dangerous heat wave. I just wish Mother Nature would compromise: 75 and partly cloudy across the nation. 😉

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