A Wet & Wild Day

The weather here in Anchorage has been less than desirable for the start of our brief summer: grey and cold.  So last night when I looked at the forecast for today and saw that it called for 59 degrees and sunny, I knew we needed to get out and take advantage.  I cancelled Pongo’s daycare reservation for today, packed up our backpacks and Pongo’s other outdoor essentials and made a plan to head out to Eklutna Lake for a walk by the lake.  When we arrived at the lake today, there was one car in the parking lot and one car unloading their kayak–we basically had the lake to ourselves.

I always thought it was hard to keep Reid out of the water but I have to say, Pongo is right up there with her; he loves the water!  Eklutna Lake is glacially fed, which means it’s darn cold.  It was near impossible to get Pongo to stay on dry land long enough for him to warm up and stop shivering.

Pongo entertaining himself while Mama eats lunch.

And as they say, “A tired Cattle Dog is a good Cattle Dog.”

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