Our Nose Work Champion

Literally.  I really should try and be humble right now but I am one proud Mama and don’t care if I gloat just a little.  Pongo was on today.  I was on today.  And we both rocked Alaska’s first official K9 Nose Work trial!  My goals for today were 1) have fun 2) trust my dog and 3) focus on accuracy not speed.  We accomplished all three goals and so much more…

First Place Overall NW1:

PONGO BUCHANAN!!!   2:09.26

NW1 Title:


Exterior Search: 2nd Place (46.63 seconds)

Interior Search: 2nd Place (21.21 seconds) There was a 0.17 second difference between 1st and 2nd place.

Vehicle Search: 47.30 seconds (12th Place)

Container Search: 14.12 seconds (4th Place)  We could have placed 2nd or 3rd but I didn’t realize that Pongo’s nose had crossed the starting line, which is when the timer starts, and I waited a couple seconds before giving him the “Go find it” cue.

Faults= 0!!!  This was my biggest fear and sweet Pongo gave beautiful alerts today. I thought maybe we had faulted in the container search because he smashed the source box a little but no fault was given.

If you’re interested in seeing Overall Results and Element Results for all trial participants, they can be viewed here.

Steve and I are both beaming and so very proud of Pongo!

11 thoughts on “Our Nose Work Champion

  1. Yeah! Congratulations!!! Please give him a hug from me!
    U should brag!! You both have worked hard!!!

    • Thanks, Sue! He’s been totally smothered with hugs, kisses and love. He even got to work on a brand new meaty bone last night, as a victory treat. :+)

  2. One of these days I’d like to see all three of you again you know!! LOL!! Congratulations on such a great job with Pongo!!
    Grammie Suzanne….

    • Thanks, Suzanne. He did an incredible job yesterday. He loves doing Nose Work! It is the perfect sport for him as a reactive dog, plus he’s darn good at it.

      • LOL! We have lots of ‘reactive’ dogs at the herding arena. We just say that smart dogs have space requirements because everything must be in order .

    • Thanks! We are very proud of his accomplishments. We are hoping that our Nose Work teacher at Alaska Dog Sports will be adding a Nose Work 2 class soon! :+)

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