Bleeping COLD!

Winter in Anchorage is pretty predictable: snow, Chinook winds (warm winds), ice, and then more snow.  But, this year has been one weird phenomenon after another. Our average snowfall for Anchorage is 74.5 inches.  Right now, we’re sitting at 88.8 inches and still have at least 3 1/2 more months of Winter.  We’re having a hard time figuring out where to put all that snow!

That’s a 7 foot fence!

Besides all the snow we’ve had, we’ve also been frigidly cold.  I’d much rather deal with the snow than the negative temperatures we’re experiencing. At least you can go out and enjoy the snow, without freezing your rear end off!  Today, we took Pongo out for a walk on the trail that runs along Ship Creek.  And as much as Pongo hates wearing his cold weather gear, he definitely needed it today.

Right before we started our walk.

We were out less than a minute and quickly realized…Pongo needed his booties.

Pongo sportin’ his fleece booties.

Pongo and Papa trying to stay warm while Mama froze her fingers taking pictures.

(Oh, the sacrifices I make for the blog!)

One happy Cattle Dog!

My two handsome and very frosty guys.

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