A Letter To Miss Sue

Dear Miss Sue,

When I see my Papa’s big red bag packed and sitting by the door, I know what that means: he’s leaving.  I know he always comes back but I just get so sad and crabby knowing he’s going to be away from us, for I don’t know how long.

My Mama knew I might have a hard day at daycare, on Wednesday, when she dropped me off; that’s why she texted Miss Peg to let her know.  But, you had already guessed my Papa was out of town when I started picking fights with my doggie friends and was being an all-around grump.  I may act all tough and rough but if you haven’t already noticed, I am a sensitive soul who wears my heart on my sleeve.

I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me about choices because I knew my doggie daycare day was on the line.  My Mama wants me to behave and will not put up with me being a bully to others, even if my feelings are hurt.  I tried really, really, really hard to pull it together, put my happy face on, and have fun.  I think I did a pretty good job of bucking it up.

I should warn you, Miss Sue and all of my patient and loving daycare teachers…my Papa came home last night but I can hear him and Mama talk about him leaving again on Monday.  I don’t know when Monday is but I’m already worried about it.  I promise though I will try my best to be a very good boy for everyone.  It’s just so hard sometimes…



2 thoughts on “A Letter To Miss Sue

  1. My Dear Pongo,

    Thank you so much for the letter! It was a very nice surprise. I have gotten to know you pretty well these last several months, and your other teachers and I agree that you are one smart cookie! A blessing and a curse at the same time!

    I have not been fooled by your tough macho exterior! I have had the privlage of seeing the soft gentler side! You have shown me just how big your heart really is! The bags have come to represent something to you and while you logically know your Dad will be back, it doesn’t help with the emotional side. We are there because we care about you and want you to succeed!

    I appreciate you taking the time to listen to one of my lectures on whatever issues slaps me in the face first thing in the morning. You were so down and pouty. That isn’t you!!! I know you care a lot about your friends and they care about you! You made the choice to turn your day around! For that I am super proud!

    I am so greatful that you are willing to just be in the now. Can’t buy a round trip ticket to yesterday, so let’s work on you just focusing on your friends! No time or situation will ever be the same, so just have fun! Know your not alone and you continue to try, I am more than happy to do all I can!

    Get some rest young man!

    Miss Sue

    • Miss Sue, thank you so much for all of the support and love you give Pongo. He is one lucky pup and we are two very lucky parents to be able to partake in the beyond exceptional Dog Tired Doggie Daycare experience!

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