Dingoes, Dingoes, Dingoes

Flipping through the channels last night (Yes, we lead a very exciting weekend nightlife!), we ran across Martin Clunes, A Man And His Dogs on the Smithsonian Channel.  Low and behold, he was traveling to Fraser Island in Australia in search of the wild Dingo.  While many Dingoes in Australia have bred with domestic dogs, Fraser Island is home to Dingoes in their purest form because domestic dogs have been banned from the island.

*Click on the picture to watch the Fraser Island video.

It is sad to say though Dingoes do not have a very good reputation in Australia (This does not include Australian Aborigines who highly revere the Dingo; they are mythological icons, totems and are also associated with sacred sites).  Dingoes are seen as “pests” who are dangerous.  It seems that a lot of people don’t see them as they should be seen: as wild animals that deserve space and respect.  There is a growing problem of people feeding the Dingoes on Fraser Island, which in turn causes bigger problems and guess who pays the price of human stupidity–the Dingoes!

On a lighter note, Martin also went to the mainland to visit a very talented Dingo named Dinky.

*Click on the picture to watch Dinky’s video.

Can you guess where our future travels will be taking us?  Maybe we’ll adopt (i.e. sponsor) a Dingo…or two.

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