Christmas Coma

I crack up every time Steve’s Mom tells the story of when Steve was younger and how he had to have a bucket next to him, while opening Christmas presents because he would throw-up from the excitement of it all.  The anticipation of Christmas can be overwhelming to some.  Our troop on the other hand was pretty underwhelmed by the whole production this morning.

Reid and Pongo waiting to open presents.

That is until it was time to open presents!  Christmas is Reid’s favorite time of the year.  She LOVES to open presents. Enter little brother, who has to be in the middle of everything and you have one very annoyed Reid.

Here’s Steve showing off his new donut pillow made by his Mom.

The Baileys and coffee now sipped down to the last drop.  The gifts unwrapped.  Brunch made and enjoyed. Toys chewed and forgotten while sleepiness takes over.  We’re all sitting by the wood stove, comatose from an action-filled morning.

Wishing you all a Season filled with love, peace, and joy!

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