Rock Band of Shame

Poor Pongo.  He just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to being humiliated.  First, it was the Cone and Collar of Shame. Then, it was the Donut of Shame.  Now, he’s sporting the Rock Band of Shame.  Since Pongo has developed a taste for rocks, doggie daycare is helping out by having Pongo wear the Rock Band of Shame while outside at recess. I’m hoping just the embarrassment of having to wear the band around his doggie friends will be enough to deter him from eating rocks again.  I highly doubt it though!

3 thoughts on “Rock Band of Shame

  1. When I took that picture I didn’t realize that there are all those defiant little rocks in the background, just hovering and sticking out their little tongues at him. Let’s just hope he remains faked out and doesn’t discover he can actually still eat them. You know, one thing I don’t know is – does Pongo have a middle name? You know, so that you can call him by it when he’s in trouble? Lack of a credible middle name could actually be the entire source of his waywardness. “Pongo Blankety-Blank Buchanan!” (As apt as Blankety-Blank is for Pongo, he probably should have something else as his middle name.)

    • Peg-That was the first thing I noticed, with a big gulp. It’s a mine field out there with all those rocks! But what can you do??? He’ll just need to learn that rocks are NOT for eating.

      Oh my! Are we bad parents or what?!? The poor dog doesn’t have a middle name-that might be part of our/his problem! From what I understand, all Buchanan dogs have middle names. We’ve been throwing around a few and trying them out on Pongo. I’ll let you know as soon as we figure out the perfect middle name for reprimanding Pongo.

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